Anglická chvilka poezie u sedmáků

Na jarní hodinu anglické konverzace dostali  žáci 7.ABC p. učitelky Svobodové netradiční zadání. Zkusit napsat anglickou nonsensovou básničku ve stylu Knihy nesmyslů (Book of Nonsense) anglického spisovatele Edwarda Leara. Téma bylo libovolné, čím více nonsense, tím lépe. Dána byla veršová struktura aabba, kterou se většině žáků podařilo dodržet. A protože se básničky povedly, byla by škoda se s nimi nepochlubit:

There was a magician who knew the tricks,
when I met him, he showed me a magic mix.
The white dove flew out of his sleeve
and this dove brought me an autumn leaf.
Then the magician disappeared (and also his tricks).      A.G., 7.B 

There was a mouse
who lived in a big house.
She lived here with her family
and her name was Emily.
She was clever and nice.         K.Z., 7.C 

There was a cookie on the table,
I would eat it if there wasn´t that label:
´´Don´t even touch it´´, said that note.
This situation dried up my throat.
Even for a tiny piece I would be grateful.    V.S., 7.C

There was a boy,
the boy had a toy.
That toy had legs and arms
and that toy had farms
where was working that boy.        T.H., 7.C

There was a house with just one room,
a kid living there was holding a broom.
While cleaning his house, he fell to the ground,
he has broken his arm with a noisy sound.
Fortunately, he got to the hospital soon.      J.G., 7.B

I like to play  basketball,
and for it I need to be tall.
That game makes me happy
and I can play it daily.
This game is just my all.    T.B., 7.C

There was a tiny rabbit who lived in a forest.
The rabbit was an albino.
No other rabbits liked him
except for his friends and family.
They loved him the way he was,
So the rabbit didn´t mind if he was different.
He still loved himself.
The other rabbits then started to change.
They learned that even if he is grey, brown or albino,
he will still be one of them.
No matter what he looks like.         V.R., 7.C

A na závěr učitelská douška:

  • There was a teacher at home
  • who was supposed to teach it alone.
  • She went a bit mad
  • at the desk where she sat
  • for months while teaching alone. S.